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The North - East India is an excellent destination for adventure tourism. Its geographical diversity and pristine nature enables all tastes to be catered for. From the daunting Himalayan peaks in the north to the dense rain forests of Dooars, it is variety that is as bewildering as it is diverse.

The sheer thrill of trekking and pedaling along daunting mountain slopes, rafting along roaring river Teesta, climbing glaciers or camping in the pristine jungles is to be experienced to be believed.

Then there is the serenity of horse safaris or a trip on the mountain bike. You can also take a trip among the age-old monasteries on a mission of rediscovering yourself.

Himalayan peaks and slopes, with its dense tropical forests providing diverse fauna and flora provides you with the most exciting of sports and adventure imaginable. These facilities are available almost round the year and at very affordable prices.

In summer the focus is on the mountains, with their salubrious climate and breathtaking views, in winter it is the huge rain forests that attract the adventure lovers although both these locations have their attractions in the other seasons as well.


Adventure In North-East Region


River Rafting

Rafting in Teesta you could always take time off from your trek to dip in the raging rapids of the Tista. Rafting here is safe yet sizzling. Nine to twelve rafters can sit in a raft which is a long inflatable rubber dinghy. The accessories include, life saving equipment, oars and sometimes a safety kayaker who follows the raft.


Best Time for rafting :: October – December


Rivers :: 1) River Teesta (Makha – Sirwani – Bardang – Rangpo)

                2) River Rangeet (Sikip – Jorthang – Majitar – Melli)

                2) Kayaking on River Teesta (specially arranged)



Sikkim Paragliding Association (SPA) a body formed to promote Aero sport and Tourism in Sikkim is an initiative of the professional paragliding pilots and educated unemployed youths and also fully supported by TAAS, Tourism and Sports & Youth Affairs Dept


We are the pioneer in Paragliding in Sikkim. We are equipped with all trained professionals; we have been delivering successful results since beginning. Here we are as a Sikkim Paragliding Association (SPA) to deliver best of the best. Equipped with latest technologies, we assure of fullest safety of our passengers (clients) as well as of our pilots. We encourage adventure and eco tourism, taking tourism in Sikkim and North East States to a next level. We are also a source of generating employment by imparting training on Paragliding to local educated youths and making them self employed. On training trainees are also being given full support and motivated to ensure that they are equipped with all the latest techniques in safe flying. Sikkim being a hilly state has an immense potential of being developed into international spot for Paragliding. We also train our pilots to compete in the national as well as international Paragliding competition. Having recognized and registered with Law Department, Sports & Youth Affairs Department, Tourism & Civil Aviation Department, Government of Sikkim, we are also being endorsed by Travel Agents Association of Sikkim (TAAS). As a responsible body, we give special attention to the safety of the pilot and passengers. Rescue and operation, if any casualties take place, shall be given major priority jointly by Sikkim Paragliding Association (SPA), Tourism Department and TAAS.




Jungle Tour

The Darjeeling, Dooars and Sikkim region has some of the best and the most varied forests in India. It includes Tropical Moist Deciduous, Himalayan Moist Temperate, Himalayan Dry Temperate, Tropical Semi Evergreen, Tropical Dry Deciduous, Subtropical Broadleaved Hill, Subtropical Pine forests.


The state of Sikkim has a recorded forest area of 265,000 hectares constituting 37.34 per cent of the geographic area of the state. West Bengal has forest cover of 1.19 million ha, much of which is in the Darjeeling and Dooars region.
With such wide and varied forest cover, the region is also home to a large variety of fauna. The animals in the forest include Rhino, Tiger, Leopard, different varieties of Deer, Gaur, Monkey, Bear, the Himalayan red panda and countless other species and subspecies of birds, reptiles and animals. Gorumara Watch tower

In the Darjeeling and Dooars region, there is a tiger reserve at Buxa, wild life sanctuaries at Jaldapara and Mahananda, National parks at Gorumara, Neora Valley and Singalila. Sikkim has Kanchenjunga National Park and five wildlife sanctuaries.

We also offer Yak Safaris in the following areas. Yak Safaris are a great experience one you will remember for a while.