Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing has always been a popular adventure sports in Sikkim. Rock climbing is a physically and mentally demanding sport. Rock climbing is one of the best outdoor activities. When you are ascending you concentrate on your moves and can't think of all the everyday stuff. You are in a different "world" and it's a great feeling! Rock climbings most basic features include climbing a rock face, using only hands, feet and a safety rope.

Rock climbing is a little like skydiving. Both rock climbing and skydiving have an element of danger. Both are sports where people participate mostly for their own personal satisfaction -- these sports do not offer much for spectators­. And both are sports where potential participants either "get it" or they don't. In skydiving, either you are excited about leaping out of a plane into the abyss, or you aren't. In rock climbing, either you are excited about scaling a vertical piece of stone, or you aren't.

The basic premise behind rock climbing is extremely simple. You are trying to climb from the bottom to the top of something. If that was all there were to it, then you would need nothing but your body and a good pair of climbing shoes. The other part of the sport comes if you slip anywhere along the way. Because of the possibility of falling, rock climbing involves a great deal of highly specialized equipment to catch you when you fall. When you're rock climbing outdoors on "traditional" routes, learning to use and properly place this equipment is at least half of the sport!


You will need gear such as rock climbing shoes, rock climbing ropes, helmets, harnesses, belay and rappel devices, nuts, cams, pitons, quick draws, ascenders and others. Here you can find easy to understand information about the rock climbing gear and learn how to choose it according to your needs.


When moving up, stay as close to the wall as you can, the closer your center of gravity is to the wall, the less your muscles have to work to hold you. When resting straighten your arms and lean back. Rely upon your legs more than your upper body strength. Your legs are much stronger than your arms so don't just try to act macho by pulling yourself up the wall, just stand up! Don't lean too far away from the wall when you are resting, when you are ready to continue it will just take more strength to pull your body back against the face.



Rock Climbing in Sikkim